Graduates / interns

In our company there is room for a number of graduates / interns. We have an attractive workplace for an industrial designer, electronic engineer or an embedded programmer who is not afraid to tackle something new. Send an email with your CV and your motivation to mr. Rolf Nooteboom so that we can invite you for an interview.


Future Electronics Design Partner

Future Electronics is a worldwide leader in electronic components distribution, and is recognized as one of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry today. Future Electronics welcomes Nooteboom Elektronica to their Certified Design Partner Program.

With Future's support our designs will meet the industry's high demand for new developments and recent components.


Silego Design Partner

We are very proud to announce we are now member of the Silego Design Partners.

Silego designs and sells highly configurable power, logic, and timing mixed signal IC products referred to as CMICs (Configurable Mixed-signal IC Products). Silego recently introduced world's smallest Mixed Signal FPGA.



Look what we have made for one of our customers!

At the request of one of the major Dutch producents of floor heating and cooling systems, we designed the electronics for their new universal controller.

This new controller, the UMR-1, creates new possibilities in the area of temperature management. The scheme is unique in its combination of high comfort with low energy consumption. In addition, the plug-and-play principle of the UMR the commissioning of the installation to a piece of cake.

A pre-programmed setting or individual? Up to 32 wireless thermostats and / or wired connection to up to 64 groups? The almost unlimited possibilities of the UMR make it all possible.



New website!

Nooteboom Elektronica is proud to present the fully renewed website. Now featuring the English language for our international customers.

We also added login facility to let our customers have access to specific files and documents.


Cypress FAE conference 2011

Like every year, we were invited to attend this very informative and engaging week full of information on new products, tips-and-trick and hands-on courses.

This year Nooteboom presented two projects at the Gallery of Demos. We got a lot of attention on our single chip ethernet solution for PSoC3 and PSoC5 products.

For more information on this project or any other design, feel free to contact us.

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MFi Licensee

Apple has approved Nooteboom Elektronica as a Licensee of the Apple MFi (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) program since September 2010.

This allows us to develop and manufacture iPhone, iPad, and iPod accessories and dongles/adapters that interface with Apple devices either via their docking connectors or wirelessly.


Microchip Design Partner

We are now certified Microchip Design Partner! Microchip has acknowledged our experience in Microchip microcontrollers.

Customers can get the maximum out of their Microchip products at Nooteboom Elektronica.


HI-TECH consultancy

HI-TECH, one of the leading manufacturers of ANSI C compilers and development tools welcomes Nooteboom Elektronica to their HI-TECH Certified Consultants Program (HCCP).

Now we are using the very code efficient HI-TECH compilers to their maximum extent, resulting in solid code on a minimum flash footprint.